Why Have a Podcast?

My first introduction to podcasts started when I was young, downloading Smosh’s podcasts onto the iPod I had recently received as a gift for my fourteenth birthday. Back then I didn’t realize that this was a form of digital marketing, for me they were just short, funny videos by interesting entertainers.

For those who aren’t familiar, podcasting is a combination of “iPod” and “broadcasting” and it is a digital audio or video file that is part of an episode, downloadable, and includes a host and/or them. It can be convenient because not only can it be automatically downloaded into your computer or mobile devices once you have subscribed, but it can also be played directly off the website when connected to the internet. Typically podcasts are ten minutes, thirty minutes, or sixty minutes.

Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast that both entertains and markets to its listeners by using the podcast to create a mock radio station for the town of ‘Night Vale’. This podcast went live shortly after their release of the book ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ and it compliments their podcast nicely. I enjoy listening to this podcast and have purchased their book as a digital download.

Using podcasts is a great way to market to people who are too busy to watch a video or read an article, giving them the ability to multi task such as driving a car while listening to an episode of their subscription of choice. However, it depends on what you are marketing, books, movies and ideas would be good for this type of marketing. Electronics, household items, and things with high monetary value would be better left to another source of digital technology.

References: Welcome To Night Vale,¬†Smosh, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach” by Barker, Barker, Bormann, and Neher, Photo via Nerdgasm



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