Can Articles Be Used For Marketing Purposes?

If you’re like me, you can sometimes get lost for hours reading article after article about subjects that interest you. While blogs are fun to read and can also be informative, an article can be informative by going into a longer, in depth discussion about certain content. An article usually runs anywhere from several hundred to several thousand words and while readers may be more forgiving with typos and offhand references with blogs, the expectations for an article are higher. I’m not saying a blog post is less work than an article, or vice versa, but when I’m looking at articles on Huffington Post it can be slightly off putting to see a mistake there than in a blog.

In order to create a successful article for marketing, one of the first steps is choosing a good title. Most viewers will be either drawn or repelled by the title and as it is the first thing they see, we want to make sure we have their interest. Keep in mind that the article should deliver on the promise made by the title, try not to trick a reader by using one that is not appropriate to the content. Don’t promise the reader an article about the best chocolate ever only to go on a tangent about how broccoli is the only vegetable you should eat, ever (it’s not). Following specific guidelines created by article directories will also help reduce unnecessary complications and will produce articles that people will be willing to read. One of my favorite places to read articles, Lush, follows these steps nicely.

Articles can be used for marketing purposes, with the ultimate goal of drawing attention and developing a company’s reputation in order to generate sales. As long as the article is not structured with a standard advertising pitch and instead uses a subtle framing. You do not want to push your product at people, you want them come to you. Articles can help give that extra boost that your company needs to get people interested and excited about your brand and/or product by giving consumers something they look forward to reading.


References: Huffington Post, Lush, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach” by Barker, Barker, Bormann, and Neher


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