Are There Benefits of Marketing with Online Videos?

Do you ever watch a commercial on tv and find yourself humming the catchy jingle hours later or maybe even the next day? When I come across a great video online posted on a video sharing site I find the same thing happens. For example, when I watch the Mr. Clean commercial I find myself remembering bits of it throughout the day and can’t help but to smile or laugh to myself about it.

Marketing with online videos gives you the ability to engage viewers, reach large audiences, and showcase your company’s product or brand. Many consumers find video more appealing than dry text or listening to a podcast. More people are also choosing to consume their information visually and this gives you a great platform to introduce your product to people who have never heard of it. I had never heard of Old Spice before seeing their commercials on YouTube and since then I think about the videos every time I see the product.

I think online videos are a great way of marketing to those people who prefer to learn visually and informing them about companies, brands and products that they have heard of, or introducing them to ones they haven’t. Consumers will remember great videos for days, weeks, and sometimes even years and remembering those videos means they’ll remember your product.


References: Old Spice, Mr. Clean, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach” by Barker, Barker, Bormann, and Neher, YouTube


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