Marketing on Social Media Networks

Like many people I participate on social media networks, mostly the more popular Facebook. I enjoy keeping up and interacting with friends, whether I am posting on their wall or chatting to them privately, Facebook, like most social medias, is a good way to stay connected.

A social network site is where members can establish relationships online that are based on friendship, kinship, shared interests, business, or many other reasons. These sites let members build a public or private profile and can specify who can connect and who they can share connections with. Social networks are primarily organized around people, unlike virtual communities that are driven by thoughts, ideas, and interests.

Using social media networks to market your company, brand, and products is a good way to connect with past, present, and future consumers. Facebook, as previously mentioned, will allow consumers to respond to posts your company makes on a page they created. Consumers can ask, answer, or post complaints and follow the page for any future updates your company has. This is business to consumer marketing and as long as your page is updated frequently with content your consumers want to see, you’ll create an emotional connection and build brand loyalty and make Facebook an excellent marketing tool.

Another example is LinkedIn, which is an example of Business-to-business marketing. This site gives you the opportunity to meet other business that are similar, or meet business that you can collaborate with to raise your company to a higher level.


References: Facebook, LinkedIn, “Social Media Marketing: A Strategic Approach” by Barker, Barker, Bormann, and Neher, Social Media Photo via Shutterstock



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